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What Are Landlord Gas Certificates

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What Are Landlord Gas Certificates

What Are Landlord Gas Certificates?

If you rent a property it is important to ensure that all the heating and gas equipment is working effectively. Take a look at what the landlord care certificate is and why it is necessary.

As a landlord, you are responsible for all the heating and cooling systems in your home. It is necessary to ensure that they are safe and effective before you rent out your home or building two new tenants. This is why you should obtain a landlord gas certificate.

The landlord care certificate is a legal requirement for any landlord renting out a house or a building.

It involves a gas safe registered engineer that will inspect all your pipe works, appliances and gas meters. This will ensure that they are compliant with the current legislation.

If there are any issues or equipment that does not work as it should, you will need to have it replaced in order to obtain your certification.

This is why this important to work with a registered gas safe engineer. They are certified and qualified to inspect all your equipment and to issue you with an official certificate.

The certificates will need to be renewed at regular intervals, which is why proper inspections are always necessary.

Gas safe engineers know exactly what to look for when they inspect your home to issue certificates. 

These certificates will confirm that all your equipment and piping is safe and effective. This will make your home   safe  for tenants to live in  and   ensure that you comply with legislation.

What are your landlord responsibilities for gas safety?

Gas Safety Checks 

Ensuring all your household, tenants, or family are safe means that all your flues and gas appliances must undergo one gas safety check every year by a professional engineer. After these checks have occurred, you will be given a Gas Safety CP12 certificate or Landlord Gas Safety Record to present to your tenants. These records detail all the carried out checks and duties of your appointment. 

 You can schedule gas safety checks from any time around the 10-12 months after your previous examination, as this doesn't affect your original expiry date. If your appointment is less than 10 or so months or more than 12, you will receive a new deadline date of at least 12 months from your most recent check. 

As the landlord, the appliances owned by your tenants are no longer your responsibility. However, we would still encourage that you strive to ensure the safety of connected flues unless they are connected to tenant-owned appliances in the rented property.   

Gas Safety Record 

If you are the landlord of a household or private property, you must ensure receipts and report records to provide their new tenants with after each annual gas safety check. According to UK laws, you must provide a copy of the Gas Safety Record that should go out to each new tenant within at least 28 days of the last safety inspection or at the beginning of their tenancy.   


Homeowners or Landlords must ensure that your gas appliances, pipework, flues and chimney are kept in a good, efficient, safe condition. It is an excellent idea to search through the manufacturer manual guidelines to discover how often you should get your gas boiler and appliances receiving service.   

If you have lost the manual or don't have access to it, you can often find them online in PDF form. Whether you see it or not, it's best to begin scheduling an annual service inspection. 

In the annual gas safety check, pipework installation isn't completely covered; however, it is highly recommended by the Health and Safety Executives (HSE) that you request an inspection. It would help if you asked your Gas Safe Registered engineers to: Visually examine all aspects of the pipework and appliances as far as is practicable. 

Test for the tightness of your entire gas system; this also includes related checks on the installation pipework.

There are no legal, formal requirements for you as the homeowner to keep all maintenance records, especially if you do not rent or have no intention of doing so. However, landlords need to display that you have frequently maintained the gas supply features of your household, such as flues, appliances and pipework. Primarily landlords must ensure they have evidence to prove repairs have happened. 

What's included in a landlord gas safety check?

Gas safety checks are carefully designed to inspect all household gas appliances, for example, boilers, fires and cookers. These checks allow you to ensure everything works efficiently and safely inside the rental home.

The typical gas check includes. 

  1. Checking all installations are suitable and safe. 
  2. Ensuring that the air supply is adequate for the gas appliances and that they burn gas correctly
  3. They provide that operating machines are all running at the correct pressure.
  4. Testing all controls and safety devices for every gas appliance
  5. Checking that all number of chimneys and flues are clear and the appliances can safely emit gases and fumes outside

Who can perform a gas safety check?

Registered gas safe engineers must carry out gas safety checks for rental households and landlord properties annually.  Heating engineers must be thoroughly trained to become Gas Safe and receive full certification and gas safe qualification.  

You must do the best you can to ensure all your gas safety inspections and maintenance repairs get done correctly and safely. 

There are many levels of being Gas Safe, and there are many ways to discover if your gas engineers are capable of doing the necessary jobs by asking to see the heating engineers ID card.

Your heating engineer should also be qualified enough to provide advice and valuable gas safety tips for yourself, your tenants or your family. 

Regular inspections and continuous safe practice allows you to reduce the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and the risk of numerous hazards and helps keep your gas appliances running efficiently. 

How much does a gas safety check cost?

The costs of gas safety checks might widely vary depending on numerous factors, for example, the duration of the inspection, the repairs, replacements or instalments that are required, the boiler or gas appliance model type and of course, the company service you have hired or scheduled. 

A gas safety check typically takes at least 30 minutes to complete in total, potentially an hour at most; however, the cost and VAT can vary between many different heating engineer companies. 

Through lots of research, an example of quotes found that display some prices are between £30 up to the £150 mark. Some appliance and boiler service companies offer a set fee for one specific appliance check and additional charges for multiple gas appliance checks. 

However, the price of landlord gas safety checks is not regulated by the Gas Safe Register website. We highly recommend that you receive several quotes, at least three different quotes from separate services, so that you can secure a just and fair price. 

Another tip is to strive to book all your annual gas safety checks and boiler inspections during the summer seasons. 

Scheduling it in the spring/summer is the best bet because the winter months are the time when your central heating system is most active, and you'll want to ensure all your gas appliances and boilers are in good condition for the colder seasons. 

During the winter months, heating engineers can be extremely busy. Make sure you book well in advance as it may be difficult to fit you into their schedule.

Truthfully, the cost of your landlord safety check will be determined by the locally registered business that you are seeking. 

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