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What Are Landlord Gas Certificates

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  • 07-09-2016
What Are Landlord Gas Certificates

What Are Landlord Gas Certificates?

If you rent a property it is important to ensure that all the heating and gas equipment is working effectively. Take a look at what the landlord care certificate is and why it is necessary.

As a landlord, you are responsible for all the heating and cooling systems in your home. It is necessary to ensure that they are safe and effective before you rent out your home or building two new tenants. This is why you should obtain a landlord gas certificate.

The landlord care certificate is a legal requirement for any landlord renting out a house or a building.

It involves a gas safe registered engineer that will inspect all your pipe works, appliances and gas meters. This will ensure that they are compliant with the current legislation.

If there are any issues or equipment that does not work as it should, you will need to have it replaced in order to obtain your certification.

This is why this important to work with a registered gas safe engineer. They are certified and qualified to inspect all your equipment and to issue you with an official certificate.

The certificates will need to be renewed at regular intervals, which is why proper inspections are always necessary.

Gas safe engineers know exactly what to look for when they inspect your home to issue certificates. 

These certificates will confirm that all your equipment and piping is safe and effective. This will make your home   safe  for tenants to live in  and   ensure that you comply with legislation.

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