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Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

PPP Plumbing Services specialises in landlord gas safety certificates. Landlords for responsible for their tenants’ safety. That office important to obtain gas safety certificates for all your accommodation. If you rent out the house or apartment to a tenant, you need to ensure that is safe.

Gas Safety Regulations require landlords to ensure gas appliances and fittings are safe. This also means that you have to do regular maintenance as well as gas safety checks. This check should be done once a year. Checks and maintenance should be done by a gas safe engineer. This is to ensure that work is done properly and according to standards.

Once your equipment has been checked, you will receive a landlord gas safety certificate. You should also ensure that you keep copies of this for at least two years. At PPP Plumbing Services we provide the safety certificates to landlords. We are gas safe registered and can inspect all your gas appliances and fittings. This will ensure they have been correctly installed.

The report will also outline the specific checks that we have done, or any services. We have performed. This can get better safety record. We ensure that all your gas appliances are working safely and meets all the required standards. This way you can ensure that your tenants will always be safe while they rent an apartment or house from you.

PPP Plumbing Services are the premium provider of heating and boiler maintenance in Norwich and Norfolk. Our helpful team will be happy to assist with any enquiry that you may have about our services. For more information about our landlord gas safety certificates, phone 07776 114 113.