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Do I require a Boiler Servicing

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  • 20-09-2017
Do I require a Boiler Servicing

Why should you have an annual boiler service?

One of the most common questions that professionals in the industry receive are, "How often should a boiler be serviced?"

Homeowners don't acquire the exact related legal requirements that your landlords do; however, there are numerous reasons why it is better and safer for you and your household or family to get your boiler checked annually. 


The focal reason why you must have your boiler checked or serviced every year is to ensure that it runs safely for the benefit of your household or guests; this isn't an aspect of maintenance that you want to forget. 

Each check is done by Gas Safe engineers who have the skills to ensure no signs of harmful gas leaks or combustible products that could damage your health and safety.   

Identification of potential faults 

An annual service for your boiler is a must that will allow you and professionals to identify any areas of your system that require repairs. It is far better to schedule your local boiler service appointment in the warmer seasons or months in the summer. 

If your engineers detect any faults or needs for repair, you can get these done before the wintertime when you use the central heating system more frequently. Doing so will cause a lot less disruption. 


A boiler service allows engineer professionals to work efficiently and fully complies with all the industry and manufacturer's standards. Your trained engineer will make any updates they feel are most necessary to enhance productivity and allow your boiler to run in an energy-efficient manner. It will also dramatically increase the lifespan of your boiler.   

Potentially lower fuel bills 

Having your boiler serviced annually will make it more energy-efficient, which means that fuel is used economically. Economic energy allows for the possibility of lower fuel bills, and covering or cutting down costs on power is an excellent advantage.   

It is not time-consuming

The entire servicing appointment will typically take less than an hour, an hour at most. If you strive to schedule your appointment in an off-peak period, you can often get it within the period you want to suit your daily life or work schedule.    

The legal requirement for landlords 

The legal requirements exist for landlords in terms of annual boiler service and gas safety checks. Rental properties must receive yearly boiler service, and engineers must check all flues, boilers and gas appliances.  

Your landlord must keep a record of each recent gas safety check, especially those that have occurred in the past two years. As a tenant, you must have a number of copies of these reports and gas safe certificates. For every new tenancy, qualified engineers must carry out a gas safety check.

Manufacturer warranty 

Many company manufacturers that make your gas boilers can often require annual boiler service to validate your boiler's warranty. An example is that Worcester boiler service is carried out according to the manufacturer's standards specific to Worcester boilers.

You will have to give your engineer access to the operating manual for your boiler model. If you don't have a physical or original hard copy, you can find the original online. The engineer may also have further information or advice on the warranties, so it may be worth confirming with them. 

How Often Do I Require A Boiler Servicing? 

The boiler is an important part of every house, powering both central home heating and hot water. Protecting against problems with your boiler is for that reason vital. This will prevent any kind of unneeded disruptions to your daily routine. 

The good news is that you don't need to be an expert to make certain that your boiler is running as smoothly as possible throughout the winter season.

Common Boiler Problems To Look Out For

Regular maintenance as a preventative measure

Among the most effective methods to ensure that your boiler is there for you when you require it is to make certain that it undergoes routine servicing. 

  1. SAVE LIVES. A damaged boiler can be very harmful. 
  2. REDUCE YOUR FUEL BILLS. A totally certified boiler engineer will make sure your boiler is running as effectively as possible. They will check that it isn't misusing energy 
  3. CONSERVE MONEY ON BOILER REPAIRS. If you regularly see to it your boiler's functioning correctly, you could save money on future fixings. 
  4. GUARANTEE YOUR INSURANCE IS VALID. Many boiler guarantees and some home and business insurance plan called for that you guarantee your boiler is risk-free to make use of. 
  5. STAY LEGAL. Businesses are legally required to maintain your gas, LPG and oil devices. All installations must be preserved and safe to use and must offer an authentic Gas Safe certificate for gas boilers.

Much like with your car, placing your boiler through routine services could go a long way to keeping it running well, throughout the year.

Gas leakages are very unusual in boilers, however, can be exceptionally harmful. Servicing will ensure that your boiler is working securely, as well as effectively. The knowledge that your boiler is risk-free is well worth the cost of a service.

Annual servicing is advised for every home. We can aid to keep your boiler in leading condition. On the occasion that you experience a fault or trouble, our certified engineers could fix or change the boiler for a fixed fee.  Speak with our consultants today to book your annual boiler servicing.